Ethical Ministry Half-day Refresher Program – Resource for Presbyteries


As part of the mandatory requirements of the NSW & ACT Synod for ministers to have ongoing training, participation in two half-day refreshers for Ethical Ministry are expected each year.

Participants are required to have read and considered the case studies provided in the workbook available for download, below. Each participant is then to prepare a one -page reflection sheet on one of these case studies of his/her choosing. When the group meets, participants are invited to share their reflections and discuss issues that arise.

Facilitators are to select 2-3 case studies for discussion during the session.

  • There will be ‘paired discussions’ and group discussions concerning the implications of each case study.
  • Please bring a copy of the UCA Code of Ethics and Ministry Practice with you as this is the basis from which informed discussions will develop.


Resource book for Download:

The Synod’s approved 2017 Resource book for Facilitators and Participants for use during the half-day Ethical Ministry refresher program is now available for download by clicking on the image below:


Ethical Ministry: Resource book for Facilitators and Participants | PDF 60 pages | 4.89 MB













Links to UCA National Assembly Code of Ethics/Conduct:

Code of Ethics and Ministry Practice

Code of Conduct for Lay Leaders

These documents are also available for download from the ‘Regulations & Policies’ page of the Assembly’s website:


Submission of Case Studies:

Those wishing to submit a case study to UME for future use, are asked to submit their document via the widget provided below:

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Dates for Ethical Ministry Refreshers in your Presbytery

Please consult with your presbytery office.  UME is also compiling a list of the known dates of refreshers in the various presbyteries which is available by clicking on the link provided below: