FAITH GOES TO WORK | Half Day Workshop

For only $10, you are invited to a half day workshop on how you can live your faith in the workplace with effective skills, actions and words.

FAITH GOES TO WORK | Half day workshop
March 24, 9am-1pm, ONLY $10 Register NOW

Do you ever have moments in the workplace when you wonder how to “live your faith”? Does your Monday faith ever come up at church on Sunday?

Perhaps, you would like to try and live your faith more proactively in the workplace – for example, being of more service to people at work, behaving in a more ethical way or representing your values through actions and words?

Across the world there are many networks and groups from whom we can learn but it is down to us to take on the adventure.

Therefore, we invite you to join us for the FAITH GOES TO WORK half day workshop.

Register now for only $10 – HERE

Who should attend? Great for all people in our Christian communities, sharing faith, lay ministry, pastoral or with interests in mission at any level.

At FAITH GOES TO WORK, we look for the right avenues to meet our real ministry needs.  This workshop re-opens that conversation. We hope it will not be the end of it.

FAITH GOES TO WORK is for Christian people of any age group (don’t have to be Uniting) who go to paid work, or who are studying for a profession or who work in a structured volunteer role that is really a job-without-a-salary!


  • Bible Study on faith in the workplace by Warren Bird
  • Panel discussion on how to effectively apply your faith. See contributors below.
  • Open Space to explore how to take this further. Led by Ian Robinson.

From 9am – 1pm on Saturday 24 March this workshop led by Ian Robinson and a panel of workers who will help us to explore how we can all actively live our faith in the workplace with actions, words and behaviour.


Meryn O’Brien has worked in the community sector in various roles for 30 years. She is currently a Family Worker in Newpin, a program supporting parents to have their children restored to their care after they have been separated by Community Services. She often wishes we could hear more in church about people’s weekday lives. Meryn has agreed to sit on the panel.
Warren Bird is the Executive Director of Treasury and Investment Services (TIS) in the NSW & ACT Synod of the Uniting Church. Previously he worked in senior finance positions with Colonial First State and before that Australian Treasury and Merrill Lynch. “I was taught very early that Christianity isn’t just a Sunday thing, but a way of life. I’ve carried this core belief through University and all my workplaces since then. My interest in ‘faith at work’ has been growing.’ Warren will lead the opening Bible Study and sit on the panel.
David Barrow is the Lead Organiser at the Sydney Alliance with over ten years of community organising experience working for social change and organisational renewal. He has held major roles with National Christian Youth Convention, Australian Youth Affairs Coalition, Australian Youth Forum Steering Committee, UNESCO World Conference on Higher Education, UTS Union Board, and the National Union of Students. He is a nostalgic Coastie. He was first person at the NSWACT Synod to put his hand up for this seminar and Faith at Work. David has agreed to be part of the panel discussion.
Katherine Allen has worked for IBM since 2003. She has worked as a consultant in various industries including banking, telecommunications and transport; and has had roles including developer, integration architect and process consultant. She enjoys working with her colleagues to find solutions to problems, and encouraging them to improve their skills along the way. Katherine has agreed to sit on the panel because she wants to understand how she can be a good example of a Christian with the people she works with every day
Ian Robinson will chair the workshop and facilitate the closing conversation. These days, he lectures at the United Theological College in North Parramatta. In his grassroots roles as a church minister Ian has always championed the recognition and equipping of Christian ministry in the workplace and in everyday faith. He is infamous for taking people to the desert on retreat, to the Holy lands on pilgrimage (and bringing them all back) and in helping people find their own voice with their authentic faith.

Saturday 24 March 9am-1pm at Centre for Ministry, 16 Masons Drive, North Parramatta.
Food: includes morning tea and coffee.  And, perhaps we will all head out for lunch afterwards?
Free onsite parking.
Attendance $10 for the good coffee and morning tea!

Information Flyer – FAITH GOES TO WORK speakers

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