Living Our Values


Living Our Values is a great way to get to know the Uniting Church in Australia. 


Having a sound understanding of:

  • who we are,
  • how we operate, and
  • what we believe in,

will have a profound influence on how effectively people can engage with, and contribute to, our church.


This course is recommended for all: church members, employees, Church Council members, elders, lay preachers, and leaders in the Uniting Church in Australia.


Living Our Values is available for Presbytery use, to be run as, either: a two-day workshop, or over a series of weekly sessions. UME staff train, equip and support potential educators as well as provide course material.


Contact Bronwyn Murphy (Ph: 02 8838 8920 / Mobile: 0428 411 830) for more information, or use the ‘Contact UME’ form below.


Contact UME regarding Living Our Values courses: