Leadership Development

Leadership Development

Peter and Sue Kaldor, members of the UME Resourcing Team, work three days between them for the NSW/ACT Synod of the Uniting Church in Australia. The run leadership workshops, provide coaching and supervision for Uniting Church leaders, and work collaboratively with others to develop Uniting Church capacity for leadership development.

One day leadership workshops

Developing shared direction
How can we grow clearer directions that are owned by all? How do we ensure they are something we actually live out? For groups wanting to identify deep core purposes, and act on them.
When it is not just steady as it goes
How can we engage the complexities of change effectively and help others to do so? For those involved in leadership in times of change.
Discovering and contributing our strengths together
How can we make the most of the people we have in our teams and communities? For anyone in a team or wanting to make a difference.
Coaching and mentoring
How can we better support others in growing their capacities? For those wanting to coach and mentor others.
Rethinking Leadership
We need to discover different ways of thinking about leadership in our team or congregation if we are to bring out the best in everyone. For everyone involved in leadership roles or wanting to making a difference with their lives.
Dealing with conflict
How can we know when to calm things down and when to turn up the heat? For those involved in leadership in times of change.

Six Day Leadership Intensives

Run over three 2-day gatherings in Sydney and the Blue Mountains, the “Making a Difference” intensive is a multidimensional learning experience involving visits and experiential learning with preparatory readings. It is designed to help participants grow and develop their leadership strengths, and their capacity to help others do likewise. The course will help participants understand and navigate the complexity of change, and grow firmer personal foundations and a sense of purpose to stay the journey.
You’ll be invited to rethink your assumptions about leadership and what you have to offer. You’ll be helped to more confidently navigate the worlds and purposes that matter to you. We do this collaboratively and involve people from as many diverse backgrounds as possible.

First Intensive
Thurs 26th March to Fri 27th March, Thurs 30 April to Fri 1 May, Thurs 28 May to Fri 29 May
Second Intensive
Thurs 17 Sept to Fri 18 Sept, Thurs 15th October to Fri 16th October, Thurs 12 Nov to Fri 13 Nov

New River Leadership

The Kaldors, with the encouragement of the Board of Mission, then Uniting Mission & Education, established New River Leadership, an initiative to offer leadership capacity building and support more broadly to organisations across the social sector. New River Leadership was conceived and developed by Peter and Sue Kaldor from their experiences in leadership research and training, partly within the UCA with the encouragement of the then Board of Mission. New River Leadership has a small staff team, including Naomi Nash and Ben Weir both well known in UCA circles, and engages in consultancy training, coaching and collaboration, as well as with schools with both students and staff. It is a completely self-funding initiative and supported by UME as a way of collaborating, learning from others and contributing and supporting capacity building more widely. Contact Sue Kaldor. Ph 0425209231.

New River is committed to assisting individuals, organisations and community groups across Australia to identify and grow their leadership capacities and take forward key purposes they care about. We support organisations to respond constructively to challenges or new possibilities by helping them grow an empowering strengths-based culture. New River enjoys the support of, and collaborates with, a growing number of people and organisations. The New River team itself is made up of people with different skills, expertise and qualifications. Their backgrounds include leadership capacity building, community engagement, navigating change, mentoring, coaching, research, identifying and growing strengths and discovering purpose and shared direction.

For more information visit the New River website.