Uniting Earth Ministry

What does it mean to live a faithful life in the present context of our changing awareness of the place of human beings within the whole creation? How do we “confess the Lord in fresh words and deeds” as this new occasion demands? (Basis of Union, paragraph 11)

The Uniting Earth Ministry is a collaboration of Uniting Mission and Education, the Mid North Coast Presbytery, and the Uniting Earthweb Group, built around a project agreement, and with these aims:

We will know ourselves to be part of God’s mission of the reconciliation and renewal of the whole creation over which God in Christ has reasserted claim (Basis of Union, paragraph 3).

We will be identified as a faith community to which people who are passionate or anxious about our ecological future can turn as they explore the spiritual and faith dimensions of their relationship with the rest of creation.

The new Uniting Earth Project capitalises on previous work, but with a reshaped set of priorities.

• Rev Dr Jason John is in a 0.5 ministerial placement in the Mid North Coast which will prioritise new expressions of church, and provide action/reflection based educational opportunities for ecologically engaged discipleship and leadership as part of the new Uniting Learning Network. Collaborations will include the UME discipleship resourcing faculty, plus secular educational agents through the Bellingen Ecological Learning Hub.

• Dr Miriam Pepper holds a 0.4 lay employee position, based in Sydney, will focus on engaging members of existing congregations in ecologically engaged worship and mission.

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