A star in the East

A star in the East

The Eastern Suburbs of Sydney remains one of the most challenging and strategic mission fields in Australia. It has the highest population density in the country but one of the lowest percentages of churches and Christians. At its heart lies Bondi Junction which, within a 2 kilometre radius is home to 65,000 people, 97 per cent of whom don’t know Jesus.

“We kept looking around Bondi Junction and asking God, ‘What is it going to take to see the tide turned here?’” says Matt Madigan, Pastor of The Hope Project.
The Hope Project is a new church in Bondi Junction made up of young adults and a few families with a great passion and energy for seeing Bondi Junction changed.
“As we prayed and asked God for the strategy we felt He kept saying to us that we needed to focus on reaching the high schoolers,” explains Matt. “The impression we were getting was that to change the culture of a region you need to start with the youth; engage them and grow them in the things of God and see a new day dawn.”

Full of talented musicians, filmmakers, dancers and speakers, a young demographic (average age is 22), and positioned close to numerous high school campuses most of the ingredients of a really vital high school outreach ministry were in place.

“As a young church plant we did not have any real funds,” says Matt. “We had heaps of passion, skill and experience but not the dollars to buy the equipment needed. This is where the Synod Mission Resource Fund’s New Missional Gatherings Seed Fund project was able to partner with us to make the dream a reality.” Fund money was used to buy much needed musical/PA equipment to help The Hope Project mission into schools.

The first school to benefit was Sydney Girls High.

Matt explains “It was an awesome day to see so many high schoolers in the hall at lunchtime hearing a professional musical and film presentation of the gospel and seeing young hearts hearing about the love of God for them.”

Seed money will be used to visit more schools and make an impact on a new generation around Bondi Junction.