For only $20, you are invited to our three part lecture series on how to speak about faith in Christ.

COMMENDING THE FAITH | A half day lecture series
Exploring: Science, history, experience, objections, hypocrisy & religions

A series led by Rev Dr Chris Walker at the Centre for Ministry on three Saturdays.
It is for anyone who is interested in how to speak about faith in Christ in the context of Australia today.
It is preferable if people can attend the whole three days, but it is possible to attend for one or two days.
There will be input, stories and engagement with the topics.
Only $20 for all three Saturdays!

PART 1. Saturday May 26

Introduction: the challenges or questions people have.  In the context of Australia today, an approach that is neither defensive nor aggressive, but confessional.  Examples from history.
PART 2, Saturday June 2
What the Christian faith has contributed to society. The new atheism of Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens and the older atheism of Feuerbach, Marx, Nietzche and Freud. Charles Darwin and the relation between science, faith and the Bible.
PART 3, Saturday June 16   
Typical criticisms of Christianity, such as the accusation of hypocrisy and the problem of suffering.  Faith-sharing processes with Rev Dr Ian Robinson. Points of contact as we seek to commend the faith with others.

Come for one, two or three lectures – only $20 for the series. Register – HERE

Who should attend? Great for all people in our Christian communities, sharing faith, lay ministry, or with interests in mission or leaderships at any level.

At COMMENDING THE FAITH, we look for ways in which we can speak about our faith in Christ in a variety of Christian and cultural contexts and what we can learn from science, faith and the bible.

The COMMENDING THE FAITH lecture series is for Christian people of any age group (don’t have to be Uniting) who are keen to understand, explore and discuss!

Rev Dr Chris Walker has recently been a National Assembly consultant for Doctrine, Discipleship and Worship. He has been a presbytery minister, a theological college teacher and principal, and a local minister. He loves surfing and skiing. His university degrees were in Australia and the USA. He has authored and edited a lot of books, and is known for his down to earth solid communication.

Saturday 26 May, 9am – 1pm, half day lecture | PART 1
Saturday 2 June, 9am – 1pm, half day lecture | PART 2
Saturday 16 June, 9am – 1pm, half day lecture | PART 3

Location: Centre for Ministry, 16 Masons Drive, North Parramatta.
Provided: Nice coffee and prior reading materials for your interest. Free onsite parking.
Register on Eventbrite – HERE