Uniting Mission and Education is helping hundreds of congregations become communities that offer direction and hope in the 21st Century. To continue this vital mission we need your help. In particular we are focused on support for Pulse (Emerging Generations), Saltbush: Uniting the Scattered Communities (Rural & Remote Ministry), and Tertiary Ministry (University & TAFE campus ministries).

Through the generous support of past benefactors, we have been able to assist in God’s mission to move forward in our communities. But our funds are limited and we need a new generation of God’s people to remember mission in their wills.

Commonwealth and state governments fund some the Church’s work, but the work of the Uniting Mission & Education depends on congregations and individual supporters.

Some of you have helped the Board of Mission, Board of Education, UTC and ELM over many years. Some are supporting the UME board for the first time. Please continue your support into the future. Please include the board in your will.

Talking it over

If you’d like to discuss the possibility of making a bequest to Uniting Mission & Education, please contact the office on (02) 8838 8900.

Alternatively you can make a bequest to Uniting Mission & Education by inserting the following wording into your will:

“I give and bequeath <insert details> to the Uniting Church in Australia NSW Property Trust for the Uniting Mission and Education for such purposes as the UME board determines.”

Details might take the form of a specific amount, percentage of estate, residue of estate, particular property or item or so on.