Q&A for Healthy Churches Expo

Do you have any questions for our Healthy Churches Expo presenters?

Our Expo sessions this year are going digital! But even though you might not be there in person to ask your questions, we still want to hear from you!  Having your input makes this a fun and engaging social event, no matter where in the world you’re beaming in from. 

Use Slido Before the Expo -OR- on the day!

Step 1 – Select the chat room or “event code” for the session where you want to ask a question. (Hint: You can either type this code into the Slido App (see instructions below) or click the link to go directly to the chat room web page). 

Step 2 – Once you’re in, type your question and hit “send”… it’s that easy!  Why not have a go? 

Each “Stream” has its own code – make sure you have the right room code for your question!    

To download a copy of the timetable, and to see a full description of all of our sessions, please click here:  https://ume.nswact.uca.org.au/hce-2020-program

There are two ways to access Slido

The App
  • Download the “Slido” app from your Android or Apple store
  • With Slido, there’s no need to make an account!
  • Input the ‘Event Code’ when prompted
  • Start asking questions!
The website
  • Click on the button above (or the website links below) for the session you want to view
  • Type in your questions – it’s as easy as that!
Note that if you want to use the website links while watching the Expo, it’s best to use two devices – e.g. a computer and your phone – so you can watch the Expo session on one, and use the other to type your questions in.

Tips For Asking Questions

  • Referencing who or what session your question is for by writing something like “Re: Jobkeeper –” or “@Emma Maiden –” before your questions will help the team match up your questions to the right session, especially if you’re sending your questions in early.
  • You can ask questions anonymously if you prefer!  Or you can put your name into the field provided – use your full name, your initials, or just say “Bob from Wagga” if you like!
  • You can see all the questions that have been asked for a particular stream, and you can even give the questions the thumbs up! So if someone’s asked a question you feel is important, giving it a ‘like’ tells the presenters which issues are important to address.
  • You can switch events or streams by clicking on the three horizontal lines on the top left of your Slido App, or by clicking the link on the menu on the left on the website. If it’s your first time switching you’ll be asked for the new code but after that, it will be in your list of ‘events’ and you can switch back and forth as often as you like!

Slido Codes - how to engage with us!

Each of our streams has their own code (if you’re using the app, it will ask you for this ‘event code’) or its own link, if you’re using the web. Check the program to see which “stream” your session is in, and ask away!

But don’t worry if you get it wrong – if you start your question by mentioning the session title or presenter, the team will be monitoring on the day and can figure it out!

Healthy Churches Expo Admin and Governance Stream

  • Sessions: Church Council, Safe Church, JobKeeper and AFR, Ways of Giving, and Property Open Forum
  • App Code: #HCE2020-Governance
  • Weblink: https://app.sli.do/event/6gwcawta

Healthy Churches Expo Mission Stream

Healthy Churches Expo Leadership Stream

  • Sessions: Mentoring and Communities of Practice, Consultations, Growing Young, Intergenerational and Diverse Worship
  • App Code: #HCE2020-Leadership
  • Weblink: https://app.sli.do/event/uzmrapgp

Healthy Churches Expo Congregations Stream