Deacon Intensive @ CFM

Deacon Intensive @ CFM

Deacon Intensive @ CFM

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Deacon Intensive

The Deacon Intensive (course) is a compulsory aspect of the formation for all UCA Deacon candidates.

Rev Dr Rhonda White (pictured), Lecturer in Practical Theology based at United Theological College (UTC) will coordinate and run the course, using the national framework set for the Deacon Intensive.
Rhonda will be supported by Deacons for various aspects of the course.
Deacon candidates should check with their sending college to check logistics regarding their participation.

Colleges are asked to contact Rhonda to indicate which deacon candidates will be undertaking the course in February 2019.

We look forward to welcoming you and your deacon candidates at United Theological College.

Rev Dr Rhonda White
phone: 02 8838 8900

Venue: United Theological College
The Centre for Ministry (campus)
16 Masons Drive, North Parramatta, NSW 2151

Dates: Monday 11 –  Friday 15 February 2019

Supporting information
This Intensive Course (5 day course) is part of the DUCA Conference, Duca Meeting & Duca Intensive Week – February 2019.