Digital Church Planting – (Down)UnderParty

Digital Church Planting – (Down)UnderParty

Digital Church Planting – (Down)UnderParty

This is a full series of online training. Three Australian cohorts are available.

Register for the first session and receive access to all sessions.


About this Event

The United Methodist Church (training based in the US) has kindly shared resources with us in Australia.

Registration includes:

  • Links to 6 x 2 hours of input (12 speakers)
  • Live 6 hours of facilitated contextualised local discussion groups
  • Links to Local Watchparty Opening and Closing Worship/Meditations
  • Live Open space Action Planning Day (November 7)

Do as much as you can or as little as you need…


More Information

All futher details about the Australian-based training cohort – including online registration and cost – are available by clicking on the link to Eventbrite provided below:

Digital Church Planting – (Down)UnderParty (Full Series) – 3 Oz Cohorts

If you’d like to know more about the event in the USA, please click on the link provided to The United Methodist Church (USA) website:

UMC Digital Church Planting Training

Or, contact Australian organiser Amelia Koh-Butler, by clicking the organiser ‘Contact’ link provided near the bottom of the Eventbrite page.