Mission Shaped Ministry Course | PNP | Session 3 of 4

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Part-time course, split over 3 Saturdays & 1 Residential Weekend during 2019.

This is a part-time course inviting participants into learning communities – exploring and experimenting, while learning together.  It will be ideal for those already trying new ideas, or those with a heart for being the church differently.

The course includes:  mentoring, ecumenical explorations, and action-reflection learning opportunities.


This Session:
Session 3:  Saturday, 7 September


Associated Dates in the Series:
Session 1:  Saturday, 4 May
Session 2:  Saturday, 27 July – Sunday, 28 July
 (Residential Weekend)
Session 4:  Saturday, 2 November


 Unsponsored Individual at full cost:  $400 per person
 Participant Contribution by
Sponsored Individual, or Group †:
 $150 per person *

† Paid by those to be sponsored a further $250 per individual/group by their congregation/faith community.

* As your congregation/faith community will be invoiced for a further $250, please receive the approval of your Church Council before registering as a sponsored individual or group.


Note to Church Councils & Faith Communities about Funding and Sponsorship Arrangements:

To incentivise the participation of groups in this course, funding arrangements are in place between the Synod & the Presbytery, so that congregations/faith communities will be invoiced no more than $250 to sponsor their approved participant(s) in the course, i.e.

    1. if one participant registers; the sponsorship amount invoiced to the congregation/faith community will be $250,
    2. if two, or more, participants register; the sponsorship amount invoiced to the congregation/faith community, will still be $250 in total.



Click on the link below to more information about registration & payment.

Eventbrite - Mission Shaped Ministry Course - Gledswood Hills




More Information:

For more information about participating in this course, please contact:


Falepaini Maile | UME Mission Facilitation Consultant for
Parramatta Nepean Presbytery

FalepainiM@nswact.uca.org.au | 02 8838 8944


Jorge Rebolledo | UME Head of Mission Enablement

JorgeR@nswact.uca.org.au | 02 8838 8931


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