Exploring the Old Testament | Living Our Faith Course

Exploring the Old Testament | Living Our Faith Course

A four day course, in two parts. A must do course in 2019.

In the beginning…  Scripture begins to be understood when we see its foundation in the events, characters, laws, sacrificial system, covenants, and promises of the Old Testament. Whether for personal study, the preparation of worship or sermons, Exploring the Old Testament will introduce you to the Hebrew Scriptures.

This is a four-day course, split over two weekends.

Available to register now:
Based at The Centre For Ministry
23 & 24 March + 6 & 7 April

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Learn how to talk about God and the Church in the light of scripture and tradition;
Discuss key doctrines of our faith;
Develop skills in critical thinking;
Explore diverse understandings of Christian faith;
Discover the importance of intergenerational and multi-sensory approaches when curating worship.

This course also serves as one of the units included in the Living Our Faith Series studied by members of the church seeking to deepen their faith, or studying towards qualification as a Lay Preacher.

Who is it for?              

  • Small group
  • Faith community
  • Study group
  • Congregation
  • General Interest
  • Lay Preacher (Refresher)
  • Lay Preacher candidates


  • Offered Regionally
  • Centre for Ministry, North Parramatta

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