Formation Day @ UME

Formation Day @ UME

Monday 12 February 2018 – The Centre for Ministry

Formation Day 2018
Monday, 12 February 2018
Time: 9:15am – 2:30pm
Venue: The Centre for Ministry, 16 Masons Drive North Parramatta

What is Formation Day?
Formation Day is an essential equipping day for Presbytery Formation (Candidates’) Committees, Field Educators, Candidate Mentors, CMF members, and all others involved in candidate formation.
In other words, if in some way you are supporting the process of Formation for a Candidate you should join us for Formation Day!


our Framework for Formation
By being able to articulate our expectations for candidates through foundational, intermediate, and advanced stages of candidacy, in the various aspects of their formation, we can more fruitfully comment on their progress.

IMPLICATIONS for our candidate support
Ensure that the time we spend with candidates integrates learning and is time well spent!
Guest Liam McKenna on Reframing our mentoring relationships
Liam has a wide breadth of experience in mentoring support in the Methodist churches in England, and will be working with the Mission Shaped Ministry team at Uniting Mission & Education.

Strengthening assessment of a Formation Program
that                       Prepares candidates
who                       Impact the church
which                    Affects the broader community
Formative Evaluation in our continuing conversations with candidates
Progress Interviews with scaffolding so we know clearly what we are assessing so we can that encourage and empower with depth and honesty, and constructively plan ahead for further progress.

We all bring different experiences of working with candidates. Throughout the day there will be plenary and small group discussion and feedback to the whole. We look forward to your participation.

This invitation  to attend is being extended to the following:

  • Field Educators
  • Student Mentors or tutors
  • Faculty, adjunct faculty, and integration tutors
  • Presbytery Candidates / Formation / Ministry Committee (by whatever name)
  • Committee for Ministerial Formation (CMF)
  • Synod Selection Panel (SSP)
  • UME Board
  • Pastoral Relations Committees of Presbyteries

RSVP via or call 02 8838 8915 by Tuesday 6 February 2018.
There is no cost to the day – this is supported by the Formation Program and considered a critically important part of the professional development for those participating.

EnquiriesContact Christine Sorensen, Dean of Formation at UTC & UME, if you have any queries about the day via email