Hair today, Gone tomorrow

Hair today, Gone tomorrow

Well done to Kinross Wolaroi School students and their  Chaplain, Phil Worrad.

A GROUP of students and a teacher lost their locks in the name of a good cause.

Kinross Wolaroi School held a leukemia foundation fundraiser on Tuesday.

IT teacher Simon Lun, who underwent treatment for leukemia last year, said the students raised valuable awareness of the disease throughout the school community.

“Vanity is a big issue [as a teenager] but they’re putting it aside,” Mr Lun said.

“When I was diagnosed, the doctor asked me if I knew what leukemia was and I didn’t know. The more people that know, the better.”

 Maths teacher Allen Grant received treatment for leukemia in 2013. “[Mr Lun and I] have both experienced leukemia first had and know what takes place,” Mr Grant said.

“To see what they are doing is fantastic.”

Central West Daily – March 15 – by Emily Bennett