Have you considered Transformative Pastoral Practice?

Have you considered Transformative Pastoral Practice?

A course that brings together pastoral practice with practical real world support for individuals in the various community environments.This program, delivered by UME’s United Theological College team, aims to provide learning opportunities for participants to enlarge their concept of Ministry within an urban or rural or cross-cultural context. Coupling pastoral practice with work to change unjust structures in society, participants will be challenged to integrate theory and practice in their particular ministry context developing a theologically robust process.

Who should do this course?
– People involved in aged-care services
– Ministerial roles
– On a pathway to school chaplaincy or aged-care
– Individuals looking to work within hospital, jail, community environments as a support service
– And more…chat with us today about your pathway interests

Pastoral Practice in Diverse Contexts: Transforming People and Communities

Semester 2 Course | July 6 to October 19, 2018
1) Group work one day per week (Fridays) 14 weeks at United Theological College, North Parramatta
2) 110 hrs pastoral placement

DOWNLOAD TPP Application form HERE
Interviews for acceptance to the course are scheduled for Thursday May 10, 2018 at United Theological College, North Parramatta.
Places in this course are limited.
Applications close Wednesday 2 May 2018.

Course Credit
Successful completion of this course can be credited towards 2 subjects in  the CSU Bachelor of Theology Degree. It is equivalent to 1 Unit CPE.

$2,500 inclusive GST
Scholarships are available, and we invite applications at the time of enquiry

For further information and to be sent an application form please contact Rev. Jan Reeve | or phone 0419 432 490

Course objectives
• to initiate participants into a learning model through which they develop and contract to accomplish personal and professional goals for ministry. This is accomplished in the context of a group process
• to locate the learning within a context in which participants can relate to persons and groups living in city neighbourhoods, rural contexts, cross cultural situations and its environs
• to foster and encourage the talents and skills of the participants
• to provide professional supervision/consultation that will assist the participant to integrate experience with pastoral functioning
• to foster the participant’s developing self-awareness and pastoral identity within a global world and within a particular environment by an action-reflection learning methodology
• to highlight with participants effective ways of communicating their Christian faith to people in the context of to-day’s world
• to assist the participant’s theoretical understanding of the psychological, sociological, cultural and political influences affecting persons in a variety of environments
• to encourage theological reflection in order to enhance the participant’s understanding of human life in this environment
• to allow opportunity for interdisciplinary professional interchange and the development of referral skills.

Learning Outcomes
At the conclusion of the program the participant will be able to:
• Apply the action reflection methodology within a theological and ministry framework
• Situate their local ministry practice in light of larger global concerns and movements
• Apply an understanding of psychological, sociological, cultural and political influences affecting persons to a variety of ministry practice environments
• Critically evaluate pastoral situations in terms of issues of justice, particularly structural injustice
• Appreciate the interdisciplinary nature of pastoral practice within a community and engage appropriately with community leadership, professional agencies and church bodies
• Appreciate the value of ongoing supervision, spiritual practices and personal development to their pastoral practice.

The course was originally developed and taught by the Urban Ministry Movement Sydney. Permission has now been given for Uniting Mission & Education and United Theological College to teach, adapt and review the course for the next 5 years 2017-2021.