Ian Robinson book launched. Hot Gospel.

Ian Robinson book launched. Hot Gospel.

Ian Robinson’s 17th book gives us food for thought and ideas for action – which is available now via amazon and

Hot Gospel, Good News for a Warming Planet, Ian Robinson

On Monday 22 October, Prof Gerard Moore launched the latest book by Rev Dr Ian Robinson in the company of colleagues, friends, students and community at Uniting Mission & Education.  Ian, the Alan Walker Lecturer in Mission and Evangelism, shared with the gathering how the book came about, its purpose as a mission document and invited us all to consider our own contributions to the planet.

Hot Gospel is a practical guide and tool to assist individuals to navigate urgently this era of eco-missiology.

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In His Own Words, Ian Robinson
Monday 22 October, 2018
The Centre for Ministry, Book Launch

This book was pushed into action by the Ningaloo Reef near Exmouth in the Indian Ocean.

Recalling after twenty years the delight of our toddler boys, the bay of corals and the tropical fish visible in any stroll along the tidal shelf, my wife Marg and I went back there.

Sniffing on our masks and snorkels, we plunged expectantly into paradise. However, the bay was a field of brown stumps and dead coral, ugly with algae and the trails of dragged anchors.  We shook with distress.  Paradise was dead in the water. Must it be so? I went to find out more.

I have learned that we have known the cause of climate change for over a hundred years.  We have known the remedies for fifty.

Millions have marched.  Intergovernmental panels of both scientists and diplomats have met and hammered out agreement and consensus. Churches have issued the highest level statement and interfaith agreements continue to be published, all of them good eco-theology asking us all to do what we can.

So why are we still warming, beyond even what we first feared?

Why the pretence of confusion and further discussion when we already understand fully?

In whose interests is it that we discuss for longer, do more little things and let the planet cook?

These reasons and questions have produced this book, not a work of eco-theology, but of eco-missiology*.  It stands upon the shoulders of those who have always written so well and of pioneers in this field like Bob Leal, Clive Pearson and David Reichardt, who made UTC a centre of excellence.

However, we have gone beyond debate in a scientific issue, beyond having it as a justice issue on our agenda, alongside homelessness and domestic violence.  This is a reframe, anew normal, a new context. The current ecological crisis is the page on which all our agenda is written. We have not seen it. So I sought the lenses of a more holistic missiology.

Read HOT GOSPEL firstly as an example of context exegesis, analysis of the powers, naming the evangel within the mission, practising the Lordship of Christ, which frames many new ideas that are able to be practiced if we decide to be a church at mission.

So, decide about your time on this planet – what will be your legacy to the children and grandchildren? Are you constructing a culture of life and health for all in the world that God loves and gave his life for or are you pursuing business as usual, lifestyle as usual, church as usual, planet dead.

*Eco-missiology, as defined by Ian Robinson, is learning to see the love of the world as a core biblical mission task, not a single issue, not a side issue, not a secular issue, not an option.