Ian Robinson Appointed to Mission Position

Ian Robinson Appointed to Mission Position

ian-robinsonUniting Mission & Education, in partnership with Alan Walker College, has appointed Rev Dr Ian Robinson as the new Alan Walker Lecturer in Evangelism, Mission & Leadership at United Theological College, starting in early 2016. Ian will be a member of the UTC faculty, teaching in the BTh, MMin and DMin programs, and a member of the college Resourcing Team, working with others across NSW/ACT and beyond to build capacity in the areas of evangelism, mission and leadership.

Ian Robinson is currently part-time Uniting Church Chaplain at the University of Western Australia, involved in inter-faith action, apologetics, systemic change and pastoral care. He moderates Max Doubt and several other websites for mission and evangelism. He has held many ministry roles in church and community, including church planter, evangelism consultant, senior pastor, executive officer.

Ian has a calling to help Christians to find fresh ways to be witnesses, disciples and church. He is known to be someone who gives honour to God. He has a capacity to identify the strengths in persons and programmes, think them through biblically, make them understandable to others, pass on the story and inspire action. He is skilled in empowering people, building networks and innovation in ministry.

Ian has established (working with others) several ministry groups, including Tall Trees ReSource, Spirit Journeys Australia, the Australian Research Institute for Desert Spirituality, Southcare, Help Street Foundation, Stolen Generations Alliance WA, and (within the WA Uniting Synod) PNEUMA (Pastoral Network of Evangelicals Uniting in Mission Action). Ian has led 40 pilgrimage journeys in the Australian deserts (Spirit Journeys) and the Holy Land.

Ian has authored several works, including Gossiping the Gospel, now revised as Makes You Wonder; Streams in the Wasteland (ed), Stop Look and Listen, This Thirsty Heart, New Beginnings, Growing and Everyday Faith (ed), If Anyone Thirsts, Praying the Gospels (3 vols), and Burning Hope – a progressive evangelical road to renewal.

Ian’s academic degrees are Doctor of Philosophy (CSU), Master of Arts (Oxon), Bachelor of Arts (UWA).

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