Insights Article | Innovation and the Uniting Church

Insights Article | Innovation and the Uniting Church

A wonderful article from INSIGHTS Magazine speaking with members of the UME team, Uniting and UCA communities about their research in the space of innovation and church. Published 21 September 2018.

An innovative Church?  Despite how it sounds, it’s not a far-fetched idea. In fact the Uniting Church has innovation inscribed into the very fabric of its DNA. Insights explores how the Church can address the shifting needs of spirituality in the 21st Century and speaks to spiritual entrepreneurs and researchers who’ve embraced innovation.

The article features the work of Uniting Mission & Education through the Uniting>NEXT program.  Uniting>Next looks to resource congregations, church councils and individuals on how they can engage and respond to their community and ministry needs.

Read the full article written by Melissa Stewart, for INSIGHTS Magazine
Published Friday 21 September 2018