Introduction to Presiding at Funerals don’t miss out

Introduction to Presiding at Funerals don’t miss out

Leading and presiding at funerals combines a range of important skills and knowledge.  This three-day course explores the practicalities around planning and leading a funeral – and combines this with the exploration of the basis behind grief and loss, and how the grieving person can be supported in a healthy way. If you feel called to learn more, this course can assist you with the tools to effectively preside at a funeral.

The practical skills offered include:

  • dealing with loss and grief,
  • visiting the bereaved family,
  • talking sensitively of God and faith,
  • relating with funeral directors,
  • planning and conducting a service and
  • engaging with cultural settings.

A full day of field trips to: a funeral director, crematorium and cemetery is also included.

If you are seeking authorisation to become a Lay Presider, please talk to your Presbytery’s Pastoral Relations Committee (PRC) before registering for this course.

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