Lent & Easter | Wonderful reading to enjoy

Lent & Easter | Wonderful reading to enjoy

Camden Theological Library is a wondrous library resource for everyone to enjoy…and yes, we know that we are biased here at Uniting Mission & Education!

From supporting students on their learning journey, ministers with new materials for their mission activities, to lay ministry reading interests or to simply select an array of readings to suit the calendar, we know that the library has something for everyone.

This Lent & Easter, hundreds of library members have enjoyed an array of Lent & Easter reading resources, for free!

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Wishing you a peaceful, safe and community-oriented Easter break.

Lent & Easter Resources, 2018 courtesy of Camden Theological Library
An array of 36 reading resources for all ages:
God gave us Easter, Bergen (2013)
The very first Easter, Maier (2004)
Easter Story, Amery (2005)
Wilderness taunt: revealing your light, Adams (2016)
>> See the full list HERE.

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