Living Our Faith! – Lay Preachers’ Sunday  

Living Our Faith! – Lay Preachers’ Sunday  

This week, like many others, just over half of our worship services were led by Lay Preachers. It was also Lay Preachers’ Sunday – and so it was apt to welcome another class at the Centre for Ministry exploring Living Our Faith: Proclaiming Jesus Christ, with Uniting Mission & Education.

The Living Our Faith Series is for members of the Uniting Church who would like to become Lay Preachers, as well as for those who would like to investigate their faith in a systematic way.

There are six components to the series including:
– Introduction to Worship in the UCA
– Living Our Values
– Old Testament
– New Testament
– Exploring Theology
– Proclaiming Jesus Christ

Facilitator, Ian Robinson, was thrilled with the engagement, energy and creativity of the participants on the course.

“Living Our faith is a really important part of the journey into Lay Preaching – and great timing given it was Lay Preachers’ Sunday,” said workshop leader, Ian Robinson.

“Individuals have the chance to explore their relationship with Jesus, his works, listening, gospel responses and the mission of Christ – all of which is incredibly important should they choose to go into lay preaching or other forms of service within the Uniting Church, believes Duncan Macleod, one of four workshop facilitators.

“We find that participants really enjoy the format of learning.  Participating in workshops across the year means that people can reflect, take time out with their thinking and bring new energy to the next session. What a great group of people!” said Macleod.

During this season of celebration, we thank God for the dedication and the gifts of accredited Lay Preachers, but also all people Lay and Ordained who bring the insights of their life experience to their faith and share that with us each week. We pray the blessing of God on them all.

Course Facilitators:
Ian Robinson, Alan Walker Lecturer in Mission Evangelism and Leadership
Duncan Macleod, Director Uniting Learning Network
Ennis Macleod, Academic Tutor
Liam McKenna, Mission Shaped Ministry Consultant

If you are interested in lay preaching or simply exploring your faith – the Living Our Faith series will be back in 2019. See the 2019 Living Our Faith calendar – HERE.

Part 2 of the Living Our Faith – Proclaiming Jesus Christ, workshop will take place on 18 & 19 August and rounds out the 6 part series for 2018.

The Living Our Faith – Proclaiming Jesus Christ workshop will be delivered again on 8 & 9 September in the Riverina. More information HERE.

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