Makes You Wonder | Free App

Makes You Wonder | Free App

Makes You Wonder is about faith sharing in a fresh new way.  It is now a free APP, a wonderful resource for  faith sharing.  Download it free today and explore..

Makes You Wonder – a Free APP

Makes You Wonder app invites people to find their own voice, for their own faith in their own situation.

I am keen! Show me where to download; Google Play or iTunes.

So, what does the APP actually do for me?  We asked Ian Robinson, the creator and inspiration behind Makes You Wonder…

“Makes You Wonder exercises truly, slowly, strongly empower people. It is a unique, international resource, going where no other faith-sharing course goes.  It does so through authentic friendship, prayer, respect and caring.

We created the free APP so that people could think daily about the meaning of faith in their daily lives. It is really simple to use.

Download the APP and each day you – for a whole year – you will receive, or have access to a new exercise that will help you to find your own voice with your own faith for your own world.”

Two examples of Makes You Wonder exercises;

Wonder About Gratitude
Today’s assignment, should you choose to accept it, is either one of these two things; (1) Either express your gratitude to those from whom you are most grateful, which may include God as the giver of all good gifts.  OR consider the place of gratitude in your mental and spiritual health, as St Paul bravely put it, ‘ Give thanks in all circumstances’.  Go!

Wonder about Understanding Some
Q: When you try to understand someone – how it is to ‘walk in their shoes’ – what do you do?
Think today about a few times when you found it difficult to be understanding and what you did.

“Ultimately, if we all learn to share our faith, we can change the culture of the church and influence that the communities around us with authentic love, respect and the gospel.

We invite you to download the APP and enjoy the journey.”

Hear more from Ian via the website.

Download the FREE makes You Wonder app today >
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Ian Robinson has been appointed as Alan Walker Lecturer  at Uniting Mission & Education – in Evangelism, Mission & Leadership.  Check out Ian’s UME profile – here.  Based on your mobile device, select the relevant link above.