Mission Resourcing

Uniting Mission and Education works with Uniting Resources, presbyteries, and congregations to identify and distribute resources for: congregations, presbyteries, and others in the Synod to live out Jesus’ call to be at mission — connecting with their communities.

The goal of mission resourcing staff and processes is to extend the Church’s capacity to engage in mission, focussing on:

  • renewing and revitalising existing congregations, which enable people to experience, nurture and share a passionate faith with God who is revealed in Jesus Christ;
  • encouraging the development of new faith communities, including parallel congregations, new worship opportunities and other new ways of being church;
  • supporting creative responses to God’s call to witness to the call of Jesus Christ.
Mission Shaped Ministry

2019 Dates:

Ready to try something in your own community?   Or already have?

Want to join a learning community to help guide and reflect?

Mission Shaped Ministry Part-time Course
(4 Saturdays & 1 Weekend during 2018)

Part 1: TBC
Part 2: TBC
Part 3: TBC
Part 4: TBC
Part 5: TBC

A part-time course inviting participants into learning communities exploring and experimenting while learning together.   Ideal for those already trying new ideas or those with a heart for being the church differently.   The course includes mentoring, ecumenical explorations, and action-reflection learning opportunities.

Register your interest with your Presbytery or Uniting Mission and Education to receive direct updates.

Useful Links

New Missional Gatherings Seed Fund –
Policy Document & Application Form: https://ume.nswact.uca.org.au/resources/nmgsf/

Non-Real Estate Missional Activity (NREMA) –
Guidelines & Application Form: https://ume.nswact.uca.org.au/resources/nrema-applications/

Seeds of Hope –
Conversations on Church and Community http://www.seedsofhope.org.au/