Mission Resourcing

Uniting Mission and Education works with Uniting Resources, presbyteries, and congregations to identify and distribute resources for: congregations, presbyteries, and others in the Synod to live out Jesus’ call to be at mission — connecting with their communities.

The goal of mission resourcing staff and processes is to extend the Church’s capacity to engage in mission, focussing on:

  • renewing and revitalising existing congregations, which enable people to experience, nurture and share a passionate faith with God who is revealed in Jesus Christ;
  • encouraging the development of new faith communities, including parallel congregations, new worship opportunities and other new ways of being church;
  • supporting creative responses to God’s call to witness to the call of Jesus Christ.


Introducing Alison Bleyerveen

Alison’s role is focused on resources that support communities of faith as they begin and continue to do mission in their communities.  She helps groups use an action-reflection cycle to explore their expression of God’s mission in their local communities.   Alison keeps an eye on funding applications for local mission, and works with Uniting staff to foster the development of community hub partnerships.  An important part of Alison’s role is supporting presbyteries.

Alison’s contact details are 02 8838 8952 | 0404 086 228 | AlisonB@nswact.uca.org.au


Mission Shaped Ministry

2018 Dates:

Ready to try something in your own community?   Or already have?

Want to join a learning community to help guide and reflect?

Mission Shaped Ministry Part-time Course
(4 Saturdays & 1 Weekend during 2018)

Part 1: Saturday, 3 March 2018
Part 2: Saturday, 5 May 2018
Part 3: Sat.28 July to
Sun. 29 July 2018
Part 4: Saturday, 1 Sept. 2018
Part 5: Saturday, 3 Nov. 2018

A part-time course inviting participants into learning communities exploring and experimenting while learning together.   Ideal for those already trying new ideas or those with a heart for being the church differently.   The course includes mentoring, ecumenical explorations, and action-reflection learning opportunities.

Register your interest with your Presbytery or Uniting Mission and Education to receive direct updates.


Useful Links

New Missional Gatherings Seed Fund –
Policy Document & Application Form: http://ume.nswact.uca.org.au/resources/nmgsf/

Non-Real Estate Missional Activity (NREMA) –
Guidelines & Application Form: http://ume.nswact.uca.org.au/resources/nrema-applications/

Seeds of Hope –
Conversations on Church and Community http://www.seedsofhope.org.au/