Parish Missions

Parish Missions

Parish Missions

Parish missions typically engage in health, welfare, housing and other community services and advocacy on behalf of people in need. A congregation or group of related congregations are designated a Parish Mission if it is responsible for ministries of such special character and extent, that, for instance:

  • it looks beyond its own membership for general oversight and management;
  • it makes financial appeals beyond its congregation;
  • Presbytery or Synod appoints extra members to its church council.
Parish Missions in NSW & ACT Synod:
 Ashfield Parish Mission | Exodus Foundation
 Minister: Rev Bill Crews
 Phone: 02 8752 4600


 Campbelltown Uniting Church
 Minister: Rev Andy Carlisle
 Phone: 02 4625 0783


 Leichhardt Uniting Church
 Ministers:  Rev Radhika Sukumar-White
Rev Adrian Sukumar-White
 Phone: 02 9564 0808


 Lismore Regional Mission
 Minister: Rev Robert Griffith
 Phone: 02 6621 5801


 Newtown Mission
 Minister: Rev Graeme Tutt
 Phone: 02 9519 9000


 Paddington Uniting Church
 Minister: TBA
 Phone: 02 9331 2646


 Parramatta Mission
 Minister: Rev Keith Hamilton
 Phone: 02 9891 2277


 Wayside Chapel | Kings Cross | Bondi Beach
 CEO and Pastor – Kings Cross:   Jon Owen
 Phone:  02 9581 9100
 Executive Minister – Bondi Beach:   Graham Anson
 Phone:   02 9581 9190


 Wesley Mission
 Minister: Rev Dr Keith Garner
 Phone: 02 9263 5555


 Wollongong Mission ‘The Church on the Mall’
 Minister: Rev Geoffrey Flynn
 Phone: 02 4229 2117