AN INVITATION | Safe Church Grooming Awareness Workshop
Saturday 18 August, 2018 | 9.15am – 5pm | The Centre for Ministry

The Synod is offering a new training resource and workshop, which focuses on education about grooming behaviours, to accompany the existing Safe Church training.
As part of our learning from the Royal Commission we must ensure that our Churches are safe places for everyone.
Grooming refers to behaviours of those in trusted positions who exert influence and may gain the trust of potential child victims, their parents and caregivers and even their communities by methodically “grooming” them. Perpetrators are often individuals known to the family; they may be acquaintances, influential members of the community, trusted friends and even family members.
I invite everyone in this Synod who works with children or vulnerable people, who is a leader in a Congregation or an office bearer in a Presbytery, to attend this important workshop:
Please register HERE.
If you are unable to attend and would like to receive training materials, we will make either a DVD or online training available after the event. See details below.
The safety of everyone in our Uniting Church communities, particularly children and vulnerable people is important.
I would encourage every Presbytery and Congregation to participate in whatever way you can.  I know that this training will be invaluable and I appreciate your time and attention to this important issue.

General Secretary, Rev. Jane Fry

THE WORKSHOP on Saturday 18 August, 2018

This Safe Church Workshop training will focus on:
1. What is grooming/who is groomed?
> Communities, Adults, Children
2. Characteristics of a perpetrator
3. Victims a perpetrator will look to
4. How to identify grooming/methods perpetrators use to groom victims
5. What to do if you suspect you are being groomed or observe someone else being groomed
6. Interrupting grooming behaviours
7. What to do if you suspect a person is abusing a child or vulnerable adult
8. Psychological and spiritual aspects of sexual abuse.
9. Reporting obligations

SAFE CHURCH WORKSHOP Flyer – downloadable PDF

9.15am |  Morning tea and meet and greet
9.45am |  Welcome and prayer by Rev. Tara Curlewis
10.00am |  Importance of Safe Church: Moderator
10.15am |  Success of current training program and what we hope to achieve from today, Safe Church Officer, Emma Parr and Head of Risk, Safety and Compliance, Nicole Rose
10.45am |  Introduction to Andrea Musulin, Nicole Rose Risk, Safety and Compliance
10.50am |  Session 1: Andrea Musulin
> Characteristics of a perpetrator
> Victims a perpetrator will look to
> What is grooming/who is groomed? Communities, adults and children
12.30pm |  Lunch
1.15pm |  Brigid Trevaskis and Nicole Rose: Risk management and safe church: Person of concern and Duty to report
1.40pm |  Nicole Rose introduces Julie Somerville
1.45pm |   Session 2:  Andrea Musulin and Julie Somerville
> How to identify grooming/Methods perpetrators use to groom victims.
> What to do if you suspect you are being groomed or observe someone else being groomed?
> What to do if you suspect a person is abusing a child or vulnerable adult?
> Interrupting grooming.
> Psychological and spiritual aspects of sexual abuse.
3.45pm |  Panel discussion hosted by Nicole Rose with Julie Somerville, Andrea Musulin and Emma Parr – opportunity for questions
4.45pm |  Rev. Tara Curlewis, Closing remarks
5.00pm |  Finish

When: 9.15am – 5pm, Saturday 18 August 2018
Workshop: Safe Church – Grooming Awareness Workshop
Venue: Auditorium, The Centre for Ministry, 16 Masons Drive North Parramatta
Cost:  There is no cost to attend, this is a complimentary invitation event
Inclusions:  Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea will be provided complimentary
Parking: Free parking is available on site at The Centre for Mniistry, 16 Masons Drive North Parramatta.
RSVP:  Registration for this event is essential for attendees.


Andrea has recently resigned from the WA Police Force after spending the past 30 years in uniform. During this time she has specialised in the areas of domestic violence, sex crimes and child abuse. As a sworn police officer Andrea gained extensive experience in responding to sexually and physically abused children and a large part of her career was spent developing crime prevention programs designed to protect children and empower children to disclose abuse.
For the past 22 years Andrea has also been heavily involved with Protective Behaviours WA Inc. WA’s leading child protection education and training organisation and is currently the Ambassador and the longest serving member of this organisation. Andrea has written and co-written several resources that are now used by the Department of Education and other schools across Australia and internationally in combating child sexual abuse. Andrea has recently written the first Christ centred Protection Behaviours Parent Handbook.

Julie currently works for Meridian Lawyers and has practised in insurance and commercial litigation for more than 20 years and has worked with the Uniting Church. She is a member of the Law Society of New South Wales, Australian Professional Indemnity Group, Women in Insurance and the Medico-Legal Society of NSW.
Julie has a great deal of experience in the area of sexual abuse claims and, in particular, survivor focussed approach to claims. Julie will bring her wealth of experience working with survivors and organisations to provide practical guidance on working with survivors, reporting and prevention.

Nicole Rose is The Head of Risk, Safety and Compliance in Uniting Resources, Synod of NSW and ACT. Nicole, with the support of her great team, is responsible for Safe Church, Risk and Work Health and Safety.  Nicole is your ‘go to’ person for any matter relating to a Person of Concern, Working with Children Checks or Reportable Conduct.
The main issues Nicole is passionate about when it comes to Safe Church are: Anyone connected with the Synod having the ability to speak up in confidence about any matter relating to Safe Church; Listening to children and hearing their voice.
Ensuring that every congregation clearly understands their obligations and commitments when it comes to the safety of children and vulnerable people and providing support to congregations.

Emma Parr is part of the Resourcing Team of Uniting Mission and Education, particularly working with Religious Education, Children’s and Family Ministry, Fresh Expressions and the Safe Church Program. Emma also engages with the Uniting Resources Risk, Safety and compliance team on Safe Church Training and congregational resource development.

Brigid Trevaskis is the Risk Operations Manager in Uniting Resources, Synod of NSW and ACT. Brigid works with Presbyteries and Congregations to build a strong risk aware and safe culture that protects the people of our Church.
Brigid is passionate about supporting our communities to carry out their ministry and mission confident in the knowledge that our people are protected.
The main areas that Brigid is focused on are:
– all leaders within our Church demonstrate their commitment to safety and protection of their people in everything they do, thus influencing the rest of our people to do the sam
– everyone in our Church considers that the safety and protection of our people is their paramount personal responsibility
– people in our communities identify risks well in advance of problems occurring and regularly look at ways to prevent harm and maintain a safe environment for vulnerable people.


  1. Those who are able to, we would be delighted if you could attend in person on Saturday 18 August at Uniting Mission and Education, 16 Masons Drive, North Parramatta. REGISTER NOW
  2. If you are not able to attend in person, you can access the training after the workshop by contacting

This Safe Church Workshop is a joint project initiative of the Uniting Church NSW/ACT and Uniting Mission & Education.

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