Plunge Gap Year Program

Uniting Mission & Education has formed an informal partnership with Morling College to promote Plunge as a gap year program for 18-23 year olds connected with Uniting Church schools and congregations. To complement the promotion, the NSW/ACT UCA Synod is identifying and encouraging missional expressions to connect with the Plunge program, and the UME Next Gen Consultant Bradon French has been released to join the teaching faculty in a part-time capacity during teaching semester.

Plunge is one year of focussed biblical & spiritual engagement for 18-23 year olds looking to journey deeper into life and faith – equipping them with the skills to navigate our world. It is suitable for gap year students, part-time ministry agents, and part-time tertiary students.

Teaching modules include

  1. Spiritual Formation
  2. Theology & the Bible
  3. Personal Development
  4. Engaging Faith, Culture & the Planet

The other elements of the course include:

  1. Small Group Coaching
  2. Training in High Ropes & First Aid
  3. Engagement with missional activities, other faiths and chaplaincy settings
  4. A mission immersion trip to Thailand

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Following the NSW/ACT Synod meeting in 2013, we have seen an emphasis on education and discipleship for the ‘whole church.’ At the same time, our training opportunities and pathways for young adults are clumsy, and often formed ad-hoc for a particular context. Most young adults in our current society emerge from high-school into a world of transition and high-speed change, where they seek to form their identity and sense their vocation. Their faith formation is one critical element within many distinct aspects of their lives, and the church has a role to play in equipping, supporting and empowering young adults. Faith formation in the context of a holistic program, where education, exposure, socialisation and challenge are balanced within a learning community, has a proven record of offering a transformational experience.

“I grew in lots of ways. It helped me to relate to people better and understand myself and others. It helped me to understand what my gifts and abilities are and how I can apply that to certain areas.” Simon CJ, a UCA young person, currently training to be a missionary in Cambodia.

Duncan MacLeod, Director, Uniting Learning Network, 0439 828 718

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