New Missional Gatherings Seed Fund

New Missional Gatherings Seed Fund

Applications can be submitted on an ongoing basis, and will be considered twice a year.  Determinations are made in April and August, after which applicants will be notified of the outcome.

The scheduled cut-off dates for the submission of applications during 2017 will be as follows:

Round One of Determinations – Applications Close:
Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Round Two of Determinations – Applications Close:
Wednesday, 2 August 2017

If your presbytery, congregation, or recognised faith community is interested in making such an application, please download a copy of the seed fund policy document, and also the application form via the links provided below:

Application Process

Prepare the application on the form provided, with any required supporting material that:

  • addresses the above criteria.
  • demonstrates how the funding will be used to support activities that contribute to an appropriate mission (as outlined in a plan or summary prepared by the submitting body), and
  • includes an affirmation of Presbytery’s endorsement of the proposed project in accordance with strategic priorities, in answer to the following questions: a) What strategic priority does this applying body have within the overall mission strategy of your Presbytery?  b) How confident is Presbytery that the project will be successful?  c) In Presbytery’s opinion how important is this grant to the project?

Maximum amount of supporting material to be 2-3 A4 pages.

The application is initially submitted to the Synod Fund Management Committee, via the UME Administration Assistant either directly or via the Presbytery. The Mission Consultant then:

  • reviews the application with respect to criteria,
  • informs the relevant Presbytery where appropriate,
  • the application is then forwarded by the Mission Resource Consultant for consideration with recommendations to the Synod Fund Management Sub-Committee,
  • to enable applications to proceed to this stage with the minimum delay, it is hoped that Presbyteries will be able to establish a quick responsive process and delegate a small sub committee / executive group to make recommendations and comment on strategic priority of applications.

If the application is supported, projects are then prioritised on the basis of mission potential and feasibility by both Presbytery and the Mission Resource Consultant.  Funds are then allocated to projects in order of priority.

Funds are approved subject to accountability processes as determined by the Mission Resource Consultant and Synod Fund Management Sub-Committee and Presbyteries (to be a 6 monthly or annual review).

Funds forwarded by the Mission Resource Consultant to Uniting Resources to process to the submitting body.

Review process overseen by the Mission Resource Consultant in consultation with Presbytery.

Further Information

For further information, please contact:

Uniting Mission and Education
Administrative Support
Phone: 02 8838 8900