UME Resourcing Team

UME Resourcing Team

The Resourcing Team at UME are committed to collaborative learning communities. We seek to be in partnership with presbyteries to offer quality education to everyone involved in ministry, whether lay, specified of ordained.

We offer workshops, courses, consultations and training freely to encourage learning communities throughout the Synod. The Resourcing Team encourages flexibility in response to changing ministry styles and mission contexts within a spirit of generousity and collaboration to extend the Church’s participation in the mission of God.

Resourcing Team: We’re here for you

Uniting Mission and Education exists to encourage and build capacity in presbyteries and congregations/groups of the Synod of NSW and the ACT.

The Resourcing Team offers training to all presbyteries at their invitation.

UME provides:

  • Accredited educators to lead courses
  • Course content which is then available to your educators
  • Training and ongoing support for Presbytery educators
  • Course paperwork, including criteria for marking, evaluation templates and certificate templates
  • A data base of trained educators

Presbytery provides:

  • A minimum of two people nominated by the Presbytery to participate in presenting the course and so train to become educators to build capacity within the Presbytery
  • Table leaders for students, ratio 1:6
  • Facilitators for course – taking responsibility for a coordination role with the Presbytery
  • Markers for assignments
  • Venue and catering
  • Printing course readers and handouts
  • Contribution to travel and accommodation costs for UME staff as negotiated

Courses offered by UME

  • Living Our Values: What it means to belong to the Uniting Church
  • Understanding the Sacraments
  • Congregational/Church Council/Elders Training
  • Pastoral Partners
  • Conducting Funerals and Marriages
  • Safe Churches Training
  • Talking Faith Series
  • Godly Play Core Training

UME educators are able to tailor courses to suit your context.

Leadership intensives

Supporting, mentoring and/or counselling, capacity building, navigating change, growing foundations


  • Multicultural Awareness, Liturgy and Worship
  • Intergenerational/Second Generation Leadership Development
  • All Age Worship/Messy Church
  • SRE
  • Racial Justice Awareness
  • Exploring Contextual Theology
  • Exploring Feminist/Liberation/Child Theology
  • Lead with your Strengths
  • Leading in times of Change
  • Retreats and Personal Develompment

Other courses and workshops by negotiation with UME consultants.