Roseville’s Connecting Families

Roseville’s Connecting Families

Thanks to NREMA and the Synod Mission Resource Fund, Roseville Uniting Church is reaching out in new ways.

Saturday Night Live social gatherings for families, pizza nights and barbeques in the park, men’s nights watching sporting events on the big screen, parenting discussion groups and the weekly Kids Playtime community playgroup … these are just some of the ways Roseville Uniting Church has been connecting with its local community.

Community Worker, Jacqui Floyd, says “The NREMA New Worshipping Community Project seeks to make connections with young families in the community inviting them to explore life and faith issues.”

Ms Floyd has been encouraged by the growth in Kids Playtime, resulting in a second weekly group being introduced.

Seizing the possibilities of the pupil free day each term, Roseville started One Day Fun Day Holiday Programs to provide fun and educational holiday activities for families with school age children.

“These programs encourage families from the local community to connect with the church community in a supportive and practical way,” says Ms Floyd.
Based around themes such as, “It’s cool to be green”, “Helping Hands” and “Fun in the Sun”, the One Day Fun Day programs are run during normal school hours. They incorporate lots of high energy games, presentations from community guest speakers, a sausage sizzle lunch and afternoon electives which include craft, active games, Wii/Playstation, cooking and DVD movies.

To help these newly-linked people get connected to worship, the Family Connections Ministry Team together with the Children’s Ministry team and the Minister, the Rev. Laurel Barr, have supported quarterly Kids @ 5 worship services for young children on Sundays and the commencement of a contemporary family worship service at 10.30 am each Sunday morning.

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