Did you catch up with the latest and refreshed edition of RUMINATIONS?  The new editorial team, lead by program director Mark Faulkner has produced a new edition of Ruminations – APRIL 2018 and we invite you to sign up to their regular editions, and read the latest version HERE.

In the latest edition; hear from Moderator Rev Simon Hansford, ponder the theme of hope with Rev Geraldine Leonard, a personal story told by Mrs Marion Wilson OAM, and a piece from the Rev Dr Rhonda White in Experiencing the Word – plus more!

Below: An extract from Ruminations APRIL 2018
– Courtesy of Saltbush – Uniting the Scattered Community

Editor’s Introduction (page 2)

Welcome to your new edition of Ruminations with the theme of HOPE!

This might be the first time you have received Ruminations or perhaps you have received it many times before, but it is my goal that through these pages we can all be encouraged in our place as part of the wider Church.

Ruminations has a long history. Many people have worked over the decades writing and publishing this journal as a means of supporting the life of the church in rural areas. Ruminations will still have as it emphasis the lives and experiences of people and the church in rural and remote regions, but I hope to encourage the reality that irrespective of where we find ourselves, together we are the Church. Rural or urban, wealthy or poor, isolated or
pressed in, diverse in theology, practice and people, it is not our differences that should speak loudest about who we are, but our ability to be as one.

Over time within Ruminations there will be stories, reflections and news from people and Christian communities spread over vast distances. Over time the editors will ensure that we reflect the diversity of the land and its people, the church and its viewpoints. Each issue will have an article from one of the faculty of United Theological College with either a biblical or theological reflection on the theme. Each issue will have a more general
reflection on the theme and from one Christian community the story of where they are and how they are living out their faith.

There will also be a report on an event, journey or gathering along with an update on where we are with Saltbush – Uniting the Scattered Community.

From this edition, Ruminations will be published three times each year; Autumn (April), Winter (July) and Spring/Summer (October). Of course you are invited to be in touch with me, to share your stories and thoughts and to be an encourager of Ruminations within the life of your church.

I use a lot of different images in diverse ways as part of my work and Ministry. This image is more of an illustration of chemistry, but it is one that I have used to help illustrate my current Ministry. This illustration may just look like lines and dots, but I have used it to reflect on our connection as church irrespective of size or location. This is the encouragement that sits at the heart of Ruminations and my ministry; as the Church we are not about the individual, or survival of those with the most, or taking on the usual marks of “success”. Surely, we are about community; a body working together and marked by characteristics that are expressed through the life of Jesus Christ.

One of these characteristics is hope!
Peace to you all.

Rev. Mark Faulkner