The New Testament, New Friends & New Learnings

The New Testament, New Friends & New Learnings

Living Our Faith course hosted in Narrandera and Griffith a huge success for everyone involved.

When 25 people gathered in Griffith for Mothers’ Day weekend in the middle of winter, and then in Narrandera a fortnight later, many would have thought it was madness – but instead two weekends of new friends, new learning and New Testament exploration thrived.

Hosted by Griffith and Narrandera Uniting Churches, Uniting Mission & Education team of Duncan Macleod, Ennis Macleod, Fie Marino, Liam McKenna and Ian Robinson delivered one of the most popular Uniting Church courses – Living Our Faith, to a group that included many future Lay Preachers in the Riverina.

Introduction to the New Testament is a four-day course, one of six education modules of the Living Our Faith course of the Uniting Church in NSW/ACT. The New Testament course explores the world of the early church, and develops skills in preparing for preaching from the New Testament.

Course leader Ennis Macleod believes that the course benefits individuals with a desire to understand their faith and a passion to communicate that faith in the communities around Uniting Churches throughout NSW and the ACT.

“I would encourage anyone with an interest in understanding their faith or who is going through a time of discerning their next step to do a course in the series,” said Macleod.

“You can begin at any stage. We have people who are doing their last Lay Preacher education components, and people who are just putting their toe in the water.”

The room is filled with like-minded, interested and passionate people…it is a really enjoyable learning experience”.

The next course in the Living Our Faith series is ‘Proclaiming Jesus Christ’ which begins in Sydney on 14 August, and in the Riverina on 8 September.

Other presbyteries are also investigating hosting the courses – more information is always available via Uniting Mission & Education.

To know more about the courses offered by Uniting Mission & Education call 8838 8900 or visit the website