This waterhole’s a wellspring

This waterhole’s a wellspring

People are being spiritually refreshed thanks to the Waterhole faith community.

Admiring God’s creation under the stars, praying with a trained prayer companion, taking part in structured quiet days … these are just some of the ways people are engaging with their spirituality thanks to the Waterhole.

The Waterhole is a faith community of the Uniting Church within the Mid Lachlan Mission Area (MLMA). It was set up to facilitate the ongoing spiritual formation work set in place by Sue Dunbar. Sue was employed by MLMA four-and-a-half years ago with the support of a Synod Mission Resource Fund (SMRF) grant. Her work as Spiritual Formation Facilitator assists members to deepen their understanding and experience of their spirituality.

SMRF has now granted the Waterhole a seed grant to further develop this ministry.

To date more than 100 people from both within and beyond the MLMA have benefited from the ministry by taking part in Quiet Days, Listening Skills Workshops, Praying Creatively, Introduction to Spiritual Direction, Lenten Studies and Retreat in Daily Life.

The Men under the Stars Retreat in 2010 was such a huge success that it will be repeated this year from May 27-29. Men who took part said they valued the retreat because: “It was a unique opportunity to connect with God through admiration of His creation”; “Sharing with other faithful men and hearing their stories is an opportunity we don’t get too often”; “It enabled men to get to know each other better — and that happened in just a day and a night.”

The recent Retreat in Daily Life brought the retreat experience to where people live so they could encounter being accompanied in prayer while continuing with everyday routines. Participants met several times over two weeks with a trained prayer companion. This provided a supportive structure which meant people could find time to reflect on their life and faith.

Participants said the retreat was: “A wonderful opportunity to spend specific time reflecting on set Bible passages”; “Time to reflect on my faith journey”; “A great encouragement to kick-start my daily Quiet times again”; “A delight to be guided and encouraged to commit to a daily discipline and pattern of prayer.”
For further information about the Waterhole contact Marie Weller