UME Welcomes Mark Faulkner | Faulkner Fun Facts

UME Welcomes Mark Faulkner | Faulkner Fun Facts

We chatted with our new Director of Rural and Remote Ministry Initiatives, Mark Faulkner and discovered a few fun facts!


This month at Uniting Mission & Education, we had the opportunity to welcome Mark Faulkner to the UME Team as our Director of Rural and Remote Ministry Initiatives.

We wanted to get to know our new colleague and friend – so he kindly let us pepper him with a few questions (both work and social!) in order to create – what we have called…


Interviewer: So, let’s get some essential fun facts from you Mark…how do you take your coffee, what is your current song on your itunes and favourite colour?

Mark: I take my coffee black, I listen to Grace Jones and orange is my favourite colour. 

Can you tell us something, that not everyone may know about you?

Mark: My first degree was in Visual Arts and I have a little studio in which I paint, in oils, mostly circles. 

Tell us about your journey in Ministry to date…

Mark: I’ve been in congregational Ministry for 23 years; firstly in Tenterfield, then Wagga Wagga and lastly in Gungahlin ACT.  And now I find myself as part of the Uniting Mission and Education team as the Director of Rural and Remote Ministry Initiatives! 

Why did you choose to take up this role (Director of Rural & Remote Ministry Initiatives) with UME?

Mark: It’s a long story, one that began when I was in Tenterfield NSW, but I have been thinking about rural Ministry for decades and the way we support, as the wider church, distant, often smaller, Christian communities. 

What are you hoping to achieve in accepting the role?

Mark: It is my hope, as I exercise Ministry in my new position, that I will help gather and encourage these scattered Christian communities and creatively draw together ideas and optimistic people to help make this happen.  I call it – Uniting the Scattered Community!


Mark Faulkner will be part of the UME Team delivering our biennial FIELD DAYS – Theme: Healthy Churches,  in Dubbo from 26 – 29 August – this weekend.

Mark is based in Canberra and can be contacted via