Vision Statement of the Synod of New South Wales & the ACT

Vision Statement of the Synod of New South Wales & the ACT

Vision Statement of the Synod of New South Wales & the ACT

Moving with God Transforming Communities

To achieve this the Church will be Courageous, Inclusive and Generous

The mission

To transform the community, we will

  • share our faith in Jesus Christ as our hope and unity now and in the future;
  • recognise all who are appropriately gifted, theologically equipped and practically skilled for the variety of leadership roles the church requires;
  • build on our strengths in community service, social justice and reconciliation of all peoples;
  • strengthen our faith, spiritual and leadership development;
  • be generous in spirit and with God’s gifts to us;
  • promote responsibility for the caring of God’s earth;
  • support both rural and urban communities by developing new approaches to church;
  • celebrate and praise God in inclusive and alive worship that is accessible and relevant to the community;
  • recognise that missional communities may or may not require church-owned facilities as the regular model of church;
  • strategically organise our property assets to best serve the mission of the church, including
    • locating for the best regional contact with all members of the community,
    • combining resources, training, activities and community services for the development of faith communities and small groups away from regional centres rather than in church buildings, and
    • strategic sales of existing real estate in favour of funding new and varied ministries;
  • work together with the community and other denominations and faiths;
  • acknowledge traditional ownership of the land by Aboriginal people and walk in friendship and partnership with them;
  • engage in continued theological reflection and formal mission research; and
  • need more streamlined permission-giving processes, empowering local missionaries, faith communities and congregations to participate in mission.

Our guiding values

We value God’s love and

  • our commitment to Jesus Christ;
  • the leading of the Holy Spirit;
  • the inspiration of Scriptures;
  • the challenge of the Gospel;
  • that all people are made in the image of God; and
  • God’s creation.

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