Camden Theological Library

Camden Theological Library

Camden Theological Library

Camden Theological Library provides a gateway for the people of God:

  • for those in the Uniting Church — inclusive of background and culture
  • for ministers, and those in ministry teams, within the Uniting Church
  • for candidates, for those in a “period of discernment” and for other students associated with United Theological College (UTC)
  • for faculty staff and other teaching staff associated with UTC

in their quest to develop, enhance or enrich:

  • their discipleship
  • their spiritual growth
  • their theological and biblical studies and understanding
  • the maturing of their faith
  • their ministry, in one of its diverse forms, within the Church and the wider community.

The staff of the library embrace a responsibility to enable access to the range of resources that will provide all users with the opportunity to achieve their goals within a professional, caring and Christian environment

Vision statement

To be a library where every user feels welcome, has the opportunity for quiet reflection in a non-threatening neutral space, and, by means of the resources, the environment and the staff, can have a positive and rewarding experience. To be well-trained and user-focused staff, dedicated to promoting the highest quality service we can, and to encouraging each other to continuous growth for the benefit of the users and one another.


In addition to values shared with the Uniting Church’s Basis of Union, values of particular priority are:

  • Hospitality, by enabling each person to feel welcome in the library and treating each person with dignity and respect
  • Commitment to supporting the pursuit of knowledge and understanding
  • Providing access to diverse points of view
  • Responsible stewardship of library resources, the library environment, the financial allocation, and staff time
  • Enthusiasm for innovation and improvement
  • Awareness of, and responsiveness to, specific requests from Uniting Mission and Education, United Theological College and the Uniting Church in Australia.

For more information visit the Camden Theological Library website.