United Theological College

United Theological College

United Theological College

In the light of the gospel of Jesus Christ, in the midst of emerging signs of the times, United Theological College sets out to provide theological education for life, ministry and leadership within contemporary society. It aspires to fulfil this calling for a people on the way from a perspective grounded within the catholic, reformed and evangelical traditions of the Christian faith, guided by the Basis of Union of the Uniting Church in Australia.

Such education will be:

  • faithful to the Christian traditions,
  • nurtured within communities of faith,
  • ecumenically aware,
  • engaged with the public realm,
  • oriented towards the needs of a culturally diverse society and mindful of the well-being of God’s good creation,
  • critical and contextual,
  • and always responsive to fresh scholarly insight and interpretation; seeking academic excellence.

The College seeks to inspire life-long learners and produce graduates who are:

  • faithful disciples,
  • theological thinkers,
  • biblical interpreters,
  • reflective practitioners,
  • perceptive readers of culture.
  • courageous representatives of Christian ministry,
  • and creative participants in the mission of God.

For more information visit the

United Theological College website www.utc.edu.au